Tim Farron: we've no regrets

Tim Farron:  we've no regrets

News this afternoon of poor Tim Farron, whose views on gay sex have hit the headlines again.  According to an interview with Premier Christian Radio, Mr Farron 'regrets' telling people that gay sex isn't/wasn't a sin when asked to clarify his views during the General Election campaign.  We're quietly confident that no political leader would ever compromise their views for the sake of a few more crosses at the ballot box.  Would they?

And nor do we underestimate the pressure of high political office, the electorate looking to you for a moral lead.  It's a tough one, Tim.   

But here's the good news;  if you're still struggling, not sure what to think, concerned that your convictions are no longer holding water as you engage with real life and find a deeper, more compassionate, more integrated faith emerging - stop fighting it!  We don't think gay sex is a sin either, and nor do lots and lots of committed Christians.  Come and talk to us. Or, you know - listen.

Because Christianity is no longer, thank God, synonymous with life-denying, love-denying judgementalism, but with a God whose very soul is compassion, welcome, transformation and love.  We know this because, like you, we've read the Scriptures, been inspired by the Spirit, and encountered the same God as you - alive and well, in the lives, loves and stories of LGBT people.  And when we hear you trying to claim that gay sex is a sin, we think you've got it wrong.  You don't have the monopoly on truth, Tim.  And we need to tell you, and the whole world, that not all Christians think the same way you do.  Or don't.  Whichever...  

So, Tim, we wish you well on your journey, wherever it leads you.  Maybe a book?  You seem to be hinting, and we really can't wait!  As you travel on, we hope you run into some gay Christians who will be able to share with you the joy and grace of their lives - and maybe something of the damage they've overcome along the way - caused in no small part by the kind of toxic theology you and your chums are so keen to peddle.  And next time you're struggling to find a Christian to turn to - you know where to find us!

No regrets, Tim.  No regrets