'Extending the table' Conference

'Extending the table' Conference

When: Saturday, 15 Sep 2018 10:00AM  |  Where: St James & Emmanuel Church, Didsbury, Manchester

'Extending the table: trans, intersex, gender queer and non-binary people in the Body of Christ' Conference

In 2017, after more than 40 years of campaigning for gay and lesbian people in the Christian churches, LGCM became OneBodyOneFaith, formally incorporating gender identity into our vision.  This development had the overwhelming support of our members – and for many, has been a long time coming!

But what does this mean?  It has to be about more than just ‘adding the T to LGBT’- or indeed, any of the other letters - if it’s going to be meaningful and authentic, and to reflect our conviction that ‘expressing our gender and sexuality with integrity is important as a way to grow in love and discipleship’, and our longing for ‘the day when Christians fully accept, welcome, affirm and offer equality to everyone in their diversity’.
This day is for our members and supporters to explore together what it means to identify as trans, intersex, non-binary or gender queer.  
what do these identities mean?

  • how do these experiences help us speak of God?
  • how have our understandings changed over time…
  • …or for different individuals with different stories?  
  • how do we need to change our thinking, speaking  and behaviour – as individuals and faith communities?
  • how can we be helped and enabled to do that together?  

The day will focus on experience and reflection, not academic arguments – although we’ll have resources on offer if you do want to go deeper.  It’s for anyone who wants to explore and reflect – wherever they are on their journey.
Full details and bookings open in late Spring, but you can register your interest here and we will contact you as soon as we have further details.