Outcome 2018 Residential

When: Friday, 26 Jan 2018 6:30PM  |  Where: Luther King House, Brighton Grove, Manchester, M14 5JP

2018 Residential Luther King House, Brighton Grove, Manchester, M14 5JP

Friday January 26th from evening meal at 6.30pm to Saturday, January 27th at 4pm

Cost £97 per person (£27 Saturday only)

Leader: Rev Sam McBratney

Theme: "Dignity and Worth"

Sam McBratney is a Methodist presbyter with nearly twenty years’ experience of ministry in various contexts – Circuit-based (rural and urban), chaplaincy, academia, theological education and reconciliation. He has worked as a chaplain in four universities, including two in London where he established and led two multi-faith teams. Teaching has also been a major part of his career, including four years as a Lecturer at City, University of London and five as Director of the Global Christianity Programme at the Queen’s Foundation in Birmingham. His teaching has ranged from Worship and Liturgy and Global Mission to Peace & Reconciliation and Interfaith & Intercultural Understanding. He is a member of the Corrymeela Community and is currently engaged in doctoral research into contextual theologies of reconciliation in Ireland. He is also currently a Visiting Lecturer at the Theological College of Lanka in Sri Lanka, teaching Peace and Reconciliation Studies.

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