So - how's the 'radical Christian inclusion' coming along then?

So - how's the 'radical Christian inclusion' coming along then?

The recent letter from the bishops of Lichfield diocese to their clergy and ministers outlining the welcome they expect them to extend to LGBT people, has received much attention within and beyond our communities.  OneBodyOneFaith welcomes the letter as an expression of intent and as a starrting point for the diocese - and has used the opportunity to write to every other diocesan bishop in the Church of England asking them to follow Lichfield's lead.  

We know that there is some very good practice out there, but it's by no means universal.  We want to highlight and affirm the good work that's going on, but also to identify those places where little has been done to respond to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York's call for 'radical Christian inclusion', back in February 2017.  

This work is urgent, and literally a matter of life or death, particularly for young LGBT+ people.  They and wider society need to see change - and where it's happening, as it so often is at a grassroots level, in subversive contrast to the inertia of the central institutions, we need to hear about it, loud and clear.  If we don't know it's happening, it's hard to have hope.

You can help by writing to your bishop and asking them to tell you what's going on in your own diocese.  You can urge them to respond to our approach for news of what they've been doing, and you can begin to develop the dialogue and trust on which any meaningful change must be based.

Our message to our leadership remains the same;  we'll work with you - but we won't work for you.  

If you need help making contact with your bishops, or want to let us know how it's going in your diocese, do please get in touch.