Urgent fundraising appeal

Urgent fundraising appeal

OneBody is calling on its friends and supporters to respond to an urgent appeal to raise £20,000 by March 2018 to enable us to move forward with our ambitious plans for the future, and to build on all we've achieved over the past year.  Will you help?

2017 was a fantastic year for us: we’re incredibly proud of our achievements and grateful for the support you gave.  This meant we could launch our rebranded look as we welcomed Changing Attitude to join us under one name.  Our members also moved decisively to embrace inclusion for gender identities as part of our work.  We saw great success at General Synod and we continued to challenge our institutions with activism across the denominations. All of this has contributed to the ongoing change of climate, which is further reflected in motions in the Church of England to condemn conversion therapy and welcome Trans peoples.  Alongside this we partnered with fantastic individuals, such as Liz Edman who joined us in the UK for Greenbelt and a short tour which we facilitated, and gatherings for leaders of LGBT Christian groups across the UK.   Our incredible supporters and members joined us at two extraordinary and inspiring Members’ Days, offering training for skills to help our organisation as we move forward. The sea of change is ongoing.

These opportunities were not only built upon the hard work of individuals and partners today, but from decades of prayer, activism and commitment. To achieve sustainable change, the goals we face are big.  We need not only to continue training our membership to work with us to deliver them, but we also to see an increase in our financial giving to fund this work for change.

Whilst last year saw us go from strength to strength in achieving our goals, we recognise that this was really only possible because of the funds we received from Changing Attitude at a crucial time.  In the past, we’ve relied on legacies and other one-off support – incredibly welcome but not something we can count on in the long term.   It has become clear that true sustainability will only be achieved with an increase in planned giving of 20%.

Can you help us reach that goal?

Charities such as OneBodyOneFaith rely on the passion and commitment of our supporters; we are indebted to those who have gone before us and those who stand alongside us now. It is our hope that when OneBodyOneFaith ceases to exist, it is not because of a lack of resources, but because it is has done itself out of a job, ensuring that everyone who seeks a home in church can find it.

As we look ahead to the work of 2018, we are excited to have appointed a new Chair of trustees, Canon Peter Leonard from Portsmouth, and the Board remain excited and ready to implement our strategic plan in partnership with Tracey, Katie and Victoria in the office.

Will you stand with us today and enable our work to continue?

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It’s a really exciting time for us, but we need now to grow our capacity to respond to the opportunities ahead.  Thank you for helping us to move forward in confidence and faith.