Living It Out


A survival guide for lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians an their friends, families and churches.

The authors draw on the experiences of a wide circle of friends and acquaintances who have been personally involved with this issue. They use stories, reflections, readings, prayers, cartoons and top tips to suggest practical ways of managing and enriching relationships with God, the church, and other people. Upbeat, brave and open this is based on many Christians' lived experience and includes fifty first hand stories from men and women from all denominations: Brethren, Roman Catholic, high church Anglican, evangelical Anglican, Baptist, Salvation Army, Methodist, Assemblies of God, new church Charismatic, URC, Metropolitan Community Church, Quaker, and liberal Anglo-Catholic.

Sarah Hagger-Holt is a writer and editor for a Christian international development charity and is the author of several published Lent courses.

Rachel Hagger-Holt is a clinical psychologist working in the NHS. They live in Hertfordshire.