About Us

About Us

OneBodyOneFaith was founded in 1976 as the Gay (later Lesbian and Gay) Christian Movement.  

In 2017 we changed our name to OneBodyOneFaith – joining with many from Changing Attitude England, and our Statement of Conviction, on which all our work is based, reads like this: 

“It is the conviction of the members of OneBodyOneFaith that human sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity in all their richness are gifts of God gladly to be accepted, enjoyed and honoured as a way of both expressing and growing in love, in accordance with the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.  Therefore it is their conviction that it is entirely compatible with the Christian faith not only to love another person of the same sex, but also to express that love fully in a personal sexual relationship; 

We believe that expressing our gender and sexuality with integrity is important as a way to grow in love and discipleship;  we long for the day when Christians fully accept, welcome, affirm and offer equality to everyone in their diversity.”

You can see a short film about our work, featuring our launch evening in February 2017, here, and some of our supporters talk about why they're involved here.

In 2021, we were delighted to welcome Accepting Evangelicals into the ministry and growing work of OneBodyOneFaith.

We provide a unique members network for LGBT+ Christians, our allies, and those who are seeking to learn more. At our core we are seeking to become a diverse community that is representative of the breadth of God’s creation – embracing and delighting in differences of theology, tradition, sexuality, and gender identity. 

Whilst a lot has changed since our founding in 1976 (that’s right, we’re the oldest UK-based organisation championing and enabling LGBT+ inclusion in churches), there’s still so much more to do. We’ve seen monumental shifts in civil society and church life in recent years, especially regarding same-sex marriage, but many traditions still exclude and dangerously mistreat LGBT+ people because of their gender identity, and sexuality. 

We help churches and faith communities have intelligent and compassionate conversations about sexuality and gender identity, and through initiatives such as Rhythm we empower individuals to integrate their sexuality and spirituality in ways which are healthy and life-affirming. 

We are bold in our prophetic living out of the hope that the lives, loves and identities of LGBT+ people are welcomed, valued and celebrated in the life and witness of the churches, and when LGBT+ people's gifts are accepted on equal terms with our siblings.

Are you interested in joining us today to support our work? You’re welcome. You’re valued. You’re needed.


You can contact us via email, or at our registered address:

15 Newland

telephone:  01636 673072