How We Work

We work with our members and partners at both a local, national, and international level across the whole range of Christian churches and faith communities.  We're making change happen by:

  • developing a community of confident and articulate supporters, able to play a full and active part in making change happen in their own local context.
  • celebrating and sharing the many joyful and affirming stories of LGBT people's lives, as a witness to the churches.
  • being present alongside the LGBT communities as a reminder of the diversoty of understandings with the Christian tradition, to counter the voices of those who would claim a narrow and judgemental perspective on our lives.
  • working with our partners to influence decisions makers and leaders, and brig about instituational change.
  • providing a space and a voice for those who find themselves on the boundaries of church, for reasons their own sexuality, or their support for same-sex relationships.
  • caring for members at times of particular vulnerability.
  • acting as a resource for media, individuals and churches as they respond to emerging developents and seek to explore more deeply and truthfully questions of theology and sexuality.

Want to get involved?  We'd love to hear from you –do get in touch.