Nigel Nash, MBE

Nigel Nash, MBE

I am a professional social worker, registered with Social Work England, and until retirement two years ago, I was Service Manager at CAFCASS (Children & Family Court Advisory Service) providing advice to the courts in Sussex on vulnerable children’s safeguarding and welfare. Within CAFCASS, I also promoted LGBTQ awareness, through facilitating training and through supporting ‘champions’ within the national statutory organisation.  I was particularly pleased to arrange and promote training on Trans issues for family Judges, lawyers and local authority social workers in Sussex, working with the AllSorts Youth Project in Brighton. 

For around 20 years, I worked with LGBTQ communities in Brighton and Sussex, supporting relationships with churches, working for greater visibility and inclusion.  This involved meetings with the hierarchy within Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches, and developing networks with wider Christian denominations.  Facilitating walking in Brighton Pride over many years has been an important witness, and before Covid, the numbers of attendees, Clergy and lay,  carrying the Christians at Pride banner, increased enormously.   I also convene the Sexuality, Gender & Faith group in Brighton & Hove. 

In 2016, I was very honoured to be awarded an MBE for work with children and for voluntary work with the LGBTQ community. Completely unknown to me, I was nominated by my work; the receipt of the letter informing me of the award, came as a huge surprise.  I was pleased to receive it because it gave weight to the work, and to the LGBTQ community. It is sobering to consider that only a few years ago, the award of MBE would not have been coupled with the LGBTQ community, as it can be now. 

Other work I undertake, on a voluntary capacity, is working with a Listening agency, whose aim is that fewer people die by suicide.  This work is both rewarding and challenging. 

As an Anglican, I am also on Diocesan and Deanery Synod, in the Chichester Diocese.

I have been a Trustee of OneBodyOneFaith since 2017.  It is great to be part of a national organisation which advocates for LGBTQ rights in the UK and abroad, both within society and in the churches.  It is a witness to the inclusive message of the Gospel, which can offer hope to all.  I am pleased to play a part in it.