The Change We Want to See

Within the spirit of our Statement of Conviction, we're working for change:

  • we want the Christian churches to be places where all people, particularly those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, are welcomed and affirmed, not just tolerated.
  • we want church communities to be places where people are safe to explore questions of sexuality, faith and spirituality in ways which are intelligent, respectful and compassionate, where we can reach different conclusions without hurting one another.
  • we want gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people to be treated the same way as our straight and cisgendered siblings, in our lives, our relationships and our ministry.
  • we want to be able to celebrate our marriages in our places of worship, so that we can acknowledge God as the source of the love between and within us.
  • we want our families to feel welcome in our churches, throughout their journey of life and faith, and espeically when they are feeling vulnerable or confused or facing times of transition and change.
  • we want to be able to offer our gifts in all forms of ministry, on the same terms as our brothers and sisters, and not to have to choose between our calling to serve God, and our loving relationships.