To Inclusion and Beyond

To Inclusion and Beyond

Many evangelical Christians who oppose LGBTQ+ relationships and equal marriage do so because they think that’s what they are supposed to believe. They want to be faithful to God and the Bible but rely on what others tell them the Scriptures say on the matter. Too many haven’t properly read, let alone studied, the Bible for themselves. What if it turns out they are defending a misunderstanding? What if the Bible says more than they thought, and yet does not say what they've been told it says?

Those who oppose LGBTQ+ inclusion appear to have changed their argument in recent times. They’ve had to. They used to claim they had direct evidence: the seven so-called ‘clobber’ verses in the Bible that directly reference sex between those of the same gender. Their case was built on, “The Bible clearly says…” That was until ‘the defence’ sufficiently demonstrated these verses are instead warnings against abuse: child abuse; gang rape; male rape; sex-trafficking/ temple prostitution; slave masters abuse of power over their slaves. It would be shocking if God didn't condemn such abuses.

Now, no longer able to cite these verses as credible direct evidence, it seems ‘the prosecution’ has been forced to rely instead on circumstantial evidence – using verses in the Bible that make no mention of queer relationships as proof that God opposes queer relationships. They claim the Bible’s metanarrative, it’s ‘big story’, is that heterosexual God created a heterosexual world in which only heterosexual people can flourish. Surely the story of God, and the metanarrative of the Bible, is much bigger than this!

Whilst the argument has moved on, too often those who affirm queer relationships have been left still de-bunking the ‘clobber passages’. We risk being blind-sided. It is this that I have sought to address in my book, To Inclusion and Beyond: Evangelical and affirming LGBTQ+ relationships and equal marriage. In it, I explore God’s beautifully and consistently inclusive metanarrative; it is because of the Bible, not despite it, that evangelicals like myself must affirm queer relationships and equal marriage.

Luke Dowding, Chief Executive Officer of OneBodyOneFaith, says "Danny has written a wonderfully engaging book that encourages the thoughtful Evangelical to think again about LGBT+ people, and offers a Bible-based approach to inclusion, and beyond." 

Likewise, Robert Beckford, Professor of Climate & Social Justice at University of Winchester and BAFTA-winning documentary maker and author of Jesus is Dread, says, "To Inclusion and Beyond" is a groundbreaking exploration that navigates the intricate intersections of ministry within diverse sexualities, providing a vital resource for progressive Christians. This book bridges gaps, fostering a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ relationships and equal marriage, making it an indispensable guide for those committed to inclusive and affirming perspectives in the realm of faith."

Danny Brierley, author of To Inclusion and Beyond: Evangelical and affirming LGBTQ+ relationships and equal marriage

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