Members are at the heart of everything that we do – they provide us with our voice and our passion.

We provide a unique members network for LGBT+ Christians, our allies, and those who are seeking to learn more. At our core we are seeking to become a diverse community that is representative of the breadth of God’s creation – embracing and delighting in differences of theology, tradition, sexuality, and gender identity. 

Whilst a lot has changed since our founding in 1976 (that’s right, we’re the oldest UK-based organisation championing and enabling LGBT+ inclusion in churches), there’s still so much more to do. We’ve seen monumental shifts in civil society and church life in recent years, especially regarding same-sex marriage, but many traditions still exclude and dangerously mistreat LGBT+ people because of their gender identity, and sexuality. 

As a people driven organisation, the majority of our funding comes from the generosity of our membership – for which we are incredibly grateful, as it empowers us to enable LGBT+ Christians to advocate for change in their local contexts. 


Across 2020 and 2021, even through the complexities of the response to the global pandemic, we have:

  • Created Rhythm: a unique and growing community that is seeking to embrace the spiritual flourishing of LGBT+ Christians. We want to THRIVE, not survive.
  • Convened and financed the development of Space to Be: a powerful coming together of likeminded organisations to provide space for LGBT+ Christians from around the world to come together in worship online during the strict lockdowns.
  • Developed Creating Sanctuary: an entirely fresh approach to safeguarding LGBT+ people in churches. We sat alongside leading academics, theologians, and practitioners to bring this pioneering resource to life; freely offering our administrative support and the time of our Executive Director.
  • Connect with leaders from across the traditions and denominations: whether it was being asked for our expert advice on Living in Love and Faith, supporting the Methodist Connection in Britain as they journeyed towards marriage equality, or challenging the Baptist Union of Great Britain on the lack of equality for LGBT+ Ministers; we have sat with senior leaders to challenge, guide, and work alongside.
  • Produced several members’ only resources: including liturgy for same-sex weddings, blessings for those who are changing their names, and the Amazing Love study guide. We are developing further resources exclusively for those who are signed up members of OneBodyOneFaith.
  • We brought more groups together than ever before: through the “Power of Partnership” we united groups in an open and affirmative call to working together, challenging exclusion, and championing the marginalised.
  • Enabled the work of Christians at Pride to continue, and grow: even through the pandemic we successfully sought grant funding to enable local Christians at Pride to continue positively speaking of God’s love for all at Pride celebrations across the country. This financing will continue into 2022, as well as our ongoing management and administration of the Christians at Pride network.
  • We have spoken at churches, conferences, schools, further education contexts, and businesses – raising awareness, challenging injustice, and being part of the mechanism for change.

As we continue to grow at pace, we need your support – for £6 a month you can be part of the transformative change that we’ve been at the forefront of for 45 years. 


Join us today, we need you.

Annual membership costs just £50 if you're waged, £70 for a couple, and £16 if you're unwaged. You can choose to make a one-off payment or set up a monthly, quarterly or annual direct debit. You can read our Membership Policy here.

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