Greenbelt 2017: The Common Good

Greenbelt 2017: The Common Good

Greenbelt is one of our favourite things - a festival space where faith, justice and the arts come together and where good things happen.  As place where LGBTQ people don't need to hide who they are - from themselves, from one another, or from God.  A little glimpse of how faith might be, and a great place for LGBTQ people - indeed, for anyone - to explore how faith and human experience can illuminate and inspire one another.

This year's festival takes place from Friday 25 - Monday 28 August at Boughton House, near Kettering.  The theme is The Common Good - how do we live our lives not for ourselves but for the flourishing of every part of our community, our society, our planet?  There will be ideas, music, workshops and most of all, time and space together to reflect, inspire and challenge.  You can see the full line up and find out more about Greenbelt on their lovely website - and this year you can also see the full timings for the weekend so if you don't fancy camping but would rather just visit for the day, you can make plans to do just that. You can download a flyer to share with friends here, or by contacting the office and we'll happily pop a handful in the post for you.  

For many, many years Greenbelt has been a space where LGBT people could come together, meet and make friends, and where we've been free to be really visible and vocal - as festivalgoers, contributing to the programme as artists and speakers, poets and thinkers, activists and dreamers, and offering our gifts and skills as volunteers who make the festival happen.  However you find your way to Greenbelt, you'll be in good company.

Outerspace is a group of LGBTQ Greenbelters and their friends and supporters;  we've contributed to the programme in a range of different ways over the past 10 years but we now focus on the things we do best as the festival evolves and changes - a social event in the Jesus Arms in partnership with Christian Connection, a presence in the Takeaway, Greenbelt's resource and display space, and a very special eucharist where LGBT people aren't just tolerated but where the table is ours, and is extended wide enough for anyone who wants to join us.  You can find out more about Outerspace on their website here, and on Facebook.  And you can bag yourself an Outerspace t-shirt in pink, or grey, or indeed, an actual bag in our online shop - with all proceeds going towards their work at the festival, towards which you can also make a secure online donation here.

Greenbelt really is very special;  it would be great to see you there