Further details of Living in Love and Faith published by C of E

Further details of Living in Love and Faith published by C of E

The Church of England has published further details of the Living in Love and Faith process which has been emerging over the past six months, including both the background to the process following the decision of General Synod not to take note of the Bishops' report GS2055, and some details of the work currently underway.  The website can be found by following this link.

There is a helpful section on the process of 'wider participation' by LGBTI+ people, and people with a broad range of perspectives and convictions on issues of sexuality, relationships and marriage, including a full list of groups who have been consulted, which includes OneBodyOneFaith.  There is also some helpful information about the scale of the project - the numbers of names put forward by the various groups and by bishops on behalf of their dioceses.  From this it is safe to conclude that it will be impossible for the team to meet everyone, and there will therefore need to be a mechanism for identifying a range of potential interviewees.  The parameters for making the final selection are also set out.

We have to date:

  • commented on the initial brief for the process and on an initial drafts of one of the documents in the supporting documents
  • met with Eeva John, the project's co-ordinator, who is keen that the entire process builds trust and respect between those of differing convictions
  • invited all our members to express an interest in meeting and talking to the project team, and forwarded names to the team
  • helped identify people from a particular under-represented group to take part in the consultation

We recognise that our members will all have different feelings about the process, coloured by past failings on the part of the institution.  OneBodyOneFaith will be seeking to continue both to support the process, and to support those of our members who feel their energy and commitment lies outside and beyond the this latest initiative.  

There are many ways to bring about change, and we need supporters and allies who will act with courage, integrity and humility wherever they are called to be, and whatever part they are called to play.