So Here We Are

So Here We Are

Rosie Miles' sermon at our Annual Service of Thanksgiving and Commitment at St Botolph's, Aldgate in May 2018 featured a poem she wrote during an LGCM retreat in Iona around 20 years ago - but as pertinent and powerful today as it was back then.   Here it it - and you can download a copy by clicking here.


So Here We Are


So here we are

dancing on the edge,

the dangerous and delightful edge.


So here we'll be

the irritant in the eye

of the church:

the cracked lens through which it needs to see.


So here we'll not be silent, or invisible,

but we'll say our names

and show our colours

and others will know

who we are.


So here we'll laugh and love and dance

and sing and play and drink and

whose edge is it anyway?


This edge, we say,

is ours; and we will

fill that edge

to overflowing:

loving it with passion,

embracing it with desire,

and flirting unashamedly with the centre.


This dangerous and delightful edge

is the edge where we are dancing.

So, here we are.


Rosie Miles

in The Courage to Love, ed. Geoffrey Duncan (Darton, Longman & Todd, 2002).