Bizarre times....

Bizarre times....

Dear friends, 

I wanted to write you a brief message to offer some encouragement in these bizarre times. 

Many of you will undoubtedly have been impacted by the recent health situation; whether that’s directly by the virus itself, inability to get access to food or medication, or through the suspension of public worship in the majority of churches nationally. 

Whilst hardship is not unfamiliar to LGBT+ Christians, these are certainly extraordinary times. At OneBodyOneFaith, much of our planned work has been paused, but we continue to work behind the scenes to ensure that long-term planning for events and programmes remains as unaltered as possible. 

If you are self-isolating, or experience loneliness in any form over the coming days and weeks then please do drop me a line and I’ll be in touch. Members can of course still access our members area, where you might find some of Lenten reflections to be particularly useful at the moment. 

Please be assured of my continued prayers, and that I am wishing you well. 

All the best, 

Luke, Executive Director