Body. Mind. Spirit.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

LGBT+ History Month provides an opportunity for our dispersed people to come together through the acts of remembrance, education, and celebration. Over the last few years in particular, we have been offered the gifts of remembering our history in increasingly profound ways - most recently with the new drama: "It's A Sin".

This year, the theme of LGBT+ History Month is: Mind. Body. Spirit; likely something that LGBT+ people of faith will find much resonance with. For generations we have been denigrated and humiliated for our difference, and especially in religious communities and where their reach has been felt: we have experienced and lived with a profound sense of shame.


LGBT+ History Month is an opportunity to acknowledge the depth and creativity of a mind that is not limited by the binary, and one that embraces new thought, learning, and challenges the inadequacies of a system built on merit alone. 

LGBT+ History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of difference in bodies that capture the dynamism of gender and the intricacies of sexuality as Divine gifts. 

LGBT+ History Month is an opportunity to let our spirits dance in the richness of our identities, openly and in wonder of the unshakeable idea that we are all made in the image of the Divine.

Many organisations will spend the month signposting to all kinds of activities you can engage with, so stay tuned as we share ideas and suggestions on our social media too. For more information on the theme this year, head on over to the LGBT+ History Month website.

As for OneBodyOneFaith, we are delighted to share the following as opportunities to receive, replenish, and restore:

The lecture scheduled for the 18th February at 7pm with Jarel Robinson-Brown, our Vice-Chair of Trustees, has been postponed. Please stay tuned for details of when we're able to reschedule this exciting lecture: "Bodies, Grace, Desire, and the Christian Future".

On the 24th February from 6.30-8pm, Liz Nottingham; trainer, leadership coach, and our partner in delivering activist retreats, will be curating a space for us to connect in our distance, find grounding in the storm, and offer tools to connect to our inner strength. You can register for this retreat HERE.

Spaces for both events are limited, so please register promptly - but also mindfully that if you're not able to attend, someone else might well value the space. These are offered as gifts of the ministry of OneBodyOneFaith, but if you are able to donate to this and our other important work you can do so via our Donate page.

Finally, on the 22nd February we will be joining with our friends and partners once again (Diverse Church, House of Rainbow, Open Table, Quest, Two:23) to bring you Space to Be. You can register for this special evening HERE.

We hope to see many of you at these events across LGBT+ History Month.