OneBodyOneFaith responds to Living in Love and Faith

OneBodyOneFaith responds to Living in Love and Faith

OneBodyOneFaith responds to the publication of the Church of England’s Living in Love and Faith material.

OneBodyOneFaith longs for a church and a world where human sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity in all their richness are honoured as gifts of God. These gifts are gladly to be accepted and enjoyed as a way of both expressing and growing in love, in accordance with the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to empower LGBT+ Christians and to advocate for change, seeking to do this in all of our work, and rejoicing that we share in that with many allies and partners.

When the Living in Love and Faith process began, we encouraged our members to engage as much or as little as they felt able – mindful that for just as many people who would want to participate and offer their lived experience to the process, there would be those who could no longer have these conversations again. We acknowledge all those who have given sacrificially to this work and we pay tribute to them.

Now that the Living in Love and Faith material has been published and many are taking the time to read and process, we remain conscious that our membership is both ecumenical and broad – and that once again some of our members will find themselves able and willing to engage, whilst there will be others who will not. We will be creating space for conversation with our members on this, so that we can continue to speak into this process.

However you personally choose to respond to Living in Love and Faith, know that you are loved by God – not despite of your sexuality or gender identity, but because of its richness and beauty.


On behalf of the Board of Trustees:

Luke Dowding
Executive Director

The Venerable Peter Leonard
Chair of Trustees

The Revd. Jarel Robinson-Brown
Vice Chair of Trustees