Rhythm Retreat

Rhythm Retreat

“Hurry my love, my friend, and come away.” (Song of Songs 2:10)

Saturday 23 September, The Proud Trust, Manchester

Our Rhythm Retreat will be held at the Proud Trust in Manchester on Saturday 23 September. 

Based on Song of Songs 2:10, the retreat day will hold space for us to rest, reflect, pray and be restored.  We will explore biblical and seasonal themes that will create opportunity for “coming away” to stop and take time to look and listen to where we are in our own lives, and what might be helpful to build into our lives.

The seasonal themes of late summer are typically ripeness, savouring, noticing what has grown, and reflecting on the abundance of life around us.  Biblical themes abundant in the rich poetry of Song of Songs mirror this: ripeness, green buds, sweetness, figs and vines bursting with life and fruit.  The sensuality of the poetry invites us to explore that aspect of our lives within our faith and provides new avenues to explore authentic prayer and worship as a result.  

Fr Lee Taylor, The Revd. Jide Macaulay and others will lead reflections, opportunities to explore prayer together and separately and provide space for personal reflection and contemplation. Refreshments and lunch will be provided. Members and non-members welcome. You can find out more details and book your place here.