The Appointment of Trustees

The Appointment of Trustees

The membership of OneBodyOneFaith has appointed the Revd. Jarel Robinson-Brown and the Revd. Pam Davies to the Board of Trustees.
Jarel will also serve as Vice-Chair working alongside the re-appointed Chair, the Venerable Peter Leonard.

Luke Dowding, Executive Director, is delighted by both appointments:

“Jarel brings not only a depth of theological knowledge and insight, but also a breadth of experience in both parish and chaplaincy ministries. His passion for social justice is a perfect fit for OneBodyOneFaith, and I’m excited for Jarel to join the team. LGBT+ organisations must acknowledge their complicity in systemic racism and push for change. Jarel has been sought out because we know that he will not only help us grow as an organisation, but that he will also challenge and hold us to account where we are supporting oppressive structures, not challenging them.”

“Pam is a fellow Baptist, and her appointment speaks to our commitment to continue diversifying the Board of Trustees to demonstrate our ecumenical nature. Pam’s experience prior to ministry, as well as her pioneering work with rough sleepers and the vulnerably housed in Southend brings a unique perspective to our Board. It remains our commitment that OneBodyOneFaith continues to enable LGBT+ Christians in their local contexts to bring about sustainable and meaningful change, and Pam’s ministry embodies those same values.”

Peter Leonard, Chair of Trustees, also commented:

“I am delighted to welcome Pam and Jarel to the Board of Trustees. OneBodyOneFaith has been on an exciting journey over the last three years and these appointments further strengthen the governance, vision, and drive of the organisation. Pam and Jarel bring a wealth of experience and skills which will be invaluable to the work of Empowering LGBT+ Christians and advocating for change in the churches we are part of and serve.”

At this time OneBodyOneFaith offers thanks to the Revd. Michael Roper and the Revd, Anthea Colledge (former Vice-Chair), for their committed two-term service to the Board of Trustees; both of them are now standing down.

We gladly welcome the reappointment of Nigel Nash (MBE), and the Venerable Peter Leonard back to the Board of Trustees at the beginning of their second terms.

More details of our Trustee team can be found HERE.